Program Transfer Request

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Program Transfer Request

A Parent/Guardian may request a Program Transfer at any time during the school year by filling out the Program Transfer Request form. Requests that are approved will take effect on specific dates throughout the year (See start dates below). In order for a transfer request to become active on the next available start date, the request must be made within the dates of the transfer request periods. The last day of the request period is always at least one week before the effective day to ensure that there is enough time to process the request administratively.

Please fill out the form below.


  • Parents/students should always visit requested program prior to making the request
  • The student will remain in their current program until you hear from a school representative either by phone or email, advising you a spot has become available for your student
  • The parent is responsible for making sure the student continues to attend and/or complete work assigned by the current program of study and maintain adequate progress
  • Current ES/TOR (Education Specialist/Teacher of Record) will be responsible for awarding any units or grades earned prior to transfer
  • Some programs are impacted and may not have room for your student. If your program of choice is full, our Intake department will add your student to the Placement Pending list for the impacted program
  • If your student has an IEP an IEP meeting must be held to review the change of placement.
  • An advisement meeting may be required for any student with a program transfer request
  • A maximum of 2 program transfers per year will be approved

Due to the COVID-19 virus, we have limited staff at all our student center locations from March 16th-April 13th. ALL program transfer requests will be effective the beginning of the 2020-21 school year. If immediate assistance is needed, please email

Thank you for your understanding.



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