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Online Assessment Reporting System (OARS)/Identifying Needs: Standards Proficiency Exams for California Teachers (INSPECT)

OARS Assessment for Springs Charter Schools

At Springs Charter Schools we use a web-based data management system, OARS (Online Assessment Reporting System) along with INSPECT (Identifying Needs: Standards Proficiency Exams for California Teachers), to manage student assessments and create user friendly reports for teachers, students and parents. These assessments and reports are useful to monitor progress and to identify strengths and weaknesses.

OARS is used to store data from our school wide benchmark assessments titled “mastery quizzes” and “milestones.” Students take these assessments online through the OARS site.  Benchmark assessments are used to determine how well a student learned a new skill. The mastery quizzes and milestones are used to assess progress on grade level and end of course I CAN Objectives.

Mastery Quizzes are short quizzes used to assess progress on one I CAN objective at a time. Students are expected to master the I CAN objects and mastery quizzes are used to monitor progress toward mastery.

Milestone Assessments are longer assessments intended to determine whether or not students are progressing appropriately and mastering the grade-level or course skills.  The milestones are proctored benchmark exam.


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