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Courtney Pinedo



I graduated with my B.S. in Accounting from California Baptist University. I audited school districts for 4 years before pursuing my passion in school counseling. I went on to graduate with m M.S. in School Counseling from California Baptist University.

Favorite Hobbies

I like weight training at the gym, budgeting my finances, baking new desserts, writing notes of encouragement to others, and basking in the beauty of nature. My favorite locations to unwind at are Huntington Beach and Oak Glen.

Favorite Books

I have always been a fan of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (read with a piece of chocolate in hand). I also enjoy books that help me develop in leadership, knowledge, and empathy.

Favorite Subject

My favorite subject was math, but I love learning! In college, my favorite classes were related to finance, leadership, and cultural awareness.

Fun Facts

When I was 9, my family and I piled into our Astro van and spent a month traveling through 27 states. We stopped at many neat places along the way, like the Smithsonian Institute and Walt Disney World. We have adopted 6 of my 8 siblings. I am obsessed with painting my nails. The strangest thing I have ever eaten was kangaroo sausage in Australia. I lived in Tirana, Albania for two months while I volunteered at a local church and throughout the community.

When did you start working with Springs Charter Schools?


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